Resources for DIY Electronics and Effects

This page contains a collection of websites, organizations, and people that can help guide you through the world of pedal building.

Where do I order effect pedal PCBsPCB A Printed Circuit Board (PCB) is a laminated board containing conductive and insulating layers. Having the circuit printed on the board makes it easier to place and solder components to complete a project., kits, and parts?

The following are some of my favorite places to source PCBs, enclosures, kits, and components for building effects pedals.

General Guitar Gadgets

The very first kit I built was a Fuzz Face clone from General Guitar Gadgets, but I keep going back for their detailed build instructions and wealth of schematics.

Love My Switches

Run by a husband-wife team, Lawrence and Rebecca, and based in the Pacific Northwest, Love My Switches is one of the best places I’ve found for potentiometers, jacks, and (of course) switches.

LMS offers a number of different domestic and international shipping options, and their support is handled in-house by Lawrence and Rebecca themselves.

Parasit Studio

I first discovered the Swedish Parasit Studio through the /r/diypedals subreddit, and its owner, Fredrik, specializes in designing some really cool modulation effects.

Parts Express

Headquartered less than two hours from my home, Parts Express is a favorite among AV professionals. While not strictly focused on effects pedals, Parts Express offers bulk pricing on pretty much everything they sell, and their clearance page often features some amazing deals.

Tayda Electronics

Taiwanese company Tayda Electronics has recently become the big name in sourcing pedal components. Offering a huge selection of components (typically with no minimum), it’s very easy to place a nearly-$200 order for ~800 pieces (please don’t ask me how I know that!).

Tayda’s been receiving a lot of praise recently for their UV-printed enclosures, which are extremely affordable. If you’re more concerned with the contents of a pedal than the paint job, let Tayda print and/or drill your next project.